Dos and Don’ts For Salon Pedicures At Your Doorstep In The GTA Area

Pampering yourself just got more convenient! Welcome to Mobile Pedicure, where the salon experience comes to you. Forget the hassle of traveling; we bring professional pedicures directly to your doorstep in North Vancouver.Before Your Mobile Pedicure: Dos and Don’ts


  1. Choose our professional mobile service for a sanitized and fresh experience.
  2. Ensure a well-lit and comfortable space at your location.
  3. Enjoy a quick drying session after your mobile pedicure.
  4. Consider a soakless pedicure for added convenience.


  1. Shave your legs three days before your mobile pedicure.
  2. Leave toenail polish on indefinitely; let us remove it for you.
  3. Allow moisture between your toes after bathing.
  4. Use callous peelers; we’ve got it covered.
  5. Share emery boards; our technician comes equipped with new ones.

Every Mobile Pedicure Should Be Luxurious and Safe

Our mobile service is designed to make every pedicure a luxurious and safe experience, right in the comfort of your home. Hygiene and convenience are our priorities. Discuss any concerns with our experienced mobile nails staff, and indulge in the joy of healthy feet without stepping outside.

In the modern era, beauty services come to you. Embrace the convenience of our mobile studio for a range of services that keep you beautiful from head to toe. No matter how busy you are, maintaining your beauty is just a doorstep away. Choose us and let self-care come to you.

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